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letzte Änderung: 25/08/2020
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Time lapse of blooming hibiscus flowers

25/08/20 - Time lapse footages of blooming hibiscus flowers
Location: Malaysia
Equipment: Canon 5DSr

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stock photographs 2020

seagulls sitting on rock at Sunshine Coast AUstralia - Holger Kleine
Sunshine Coast
Macro photography Coffee Beans - Holger Kleine
Coffee Beans
Spotlight Portrait of a young asian girl - holger kleine
Spotlight Portrait
Small valley creek at Central Mongolia - holger kleine
Central Mongolia
The Khangai Mountains on the horizon and yurt or tent in the foreground
Central mongolia
Sunset Landscape photography in the Mongolian steppe - holger kleine
Central Mongolia
Landscape Photography at Mongolia - holger kleine
Putra Mosque or Masjid Putra, principal mosque of Putrajaya Wilaya, Malaysia - holger kleine
Putrajaya - Malaysia
Skyscraper in sunset, in front a lake with reflections of the buildings - holger kleine
Putrajaya - Malaysia
Putrajaya bridge in the artificially grown city of Putrajaya, Malaysia - holger kleine
Putrajaya - Malaysia
Female hand buying mask with US dollar money - holger kleine
Corona Crisis 2020
Mouth mask with US dollar money banknote - holger kleine
Corona Crisis 2020
The pyramid with the Eye of Providence on the US banknotes - holger kleine
Close up of banknotes
High resolution macro photography of a 2 Euro coin - holger kleine
Close up of 2 Euro
Young female kitten laying in the grass - holger kleine
Yellow eyes of a cat
Close-up of a blooming yellow hibiscus - national flower of Malaysia - holger kleine
Close-up of a blooming
Hibiscus Flower
Aerial view of the Lexis Hibiscus Hotel Port Dickson. Malaysia - holger kleine
Lexis Hibiscus Resort
Port Dickson Malaysia
Aerial view, directly above a small road through a palm oil plantation in Malaysia - holger kleine
Road through a palm oil plantation at Malaysia
The sky bridge in the north of Langkawi, Malaysia - holger kleine
The sky bridge at
Langkawi / Malaysia
Aerial view of the rocky coast near the blue lagoon of Port Dickson, Malaysia - holger kleine
The Blue Lagoon @
Port Dickson / Malaysia
The Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort at the west coast of Malaysia in the strait of Malacca at Sepang - holger kleine
Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort @ Malaysia
View through the leafs of a tropical tree to the Sugarloaf Mountain at the Langkawi Island, Malaysia - holger kleine
Sugarloaf Mountain at Langkawi